Pure Heart – Pure Lariat: Episode 7

This week on Pure Heart, Pure Lariat Dylan Fox (@DylanZeroSky) is forming his super trio of Joshi focused podcasts with Justin from the Joshi Joshi podcast (@coffeeyay) & Derek Tillotson (@PrivateEyeball) of the Private Eyeball Show returning, with the three talking about the best of Joshi Puroresu so far in 2019. We have a plethora of fun categories we had nominations and picks for, controversy and debates, capped off the only way it reasonably could, an honorary shoutout to Ai Hara. Nearly every major promotion had at least one pick, check it out and get the perspectives from 3 of the biggest and best Joshi focused podcasts. Whether you’re a dedicated follower or casual and wanna catch up, the 2019 Half Year Awards Show is where it’s at, and it’s right here on Pure Heart.

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