Everything from 3 named assassins to oral sex while getting a tattoo…

Raven has 3 degrees of separation from the Philly Phanatic; becomes friends with Collective Soul, and dated a Carny owner; we explain to millennials about pay-phones and needing a buttload of quarters to make long distance calls; Rich almost attends a live UFC event, almost goes to a Raven indy show, and time heals all…  but not nutmeg or Morris Day; Feeney keeps it 100, sells men’s care products and starts a regrettable tattoo discourse…  uh the tattoo being regrettable, not the discourse; Gigolos get Lonely Too; Mr Belding; Gritty; possible return of Busby; the actual return of Newser; Civil War Gold spoilers; FanMail, and of course, all the usual perversions! Ps. A negative shout out, or more precisely, a glorious “F&@k You” to the rednecks who tried to blow up Robert the producer’s neighborhood w/fireworks on the 4th of July.

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