102. How Woke Is The Graps

Summer looms hazily on the horizon, bringing with it the launch of AEW and the promise of new beginnings. The albatross of targeted marketing weighs heavily on our consciousnesses in the wake of #woke allies in wrestling and how everyone can and should do better, if not for ourselves, for each other. So enjoy this thought provoking review of AEW’s Double or Nothing from Sparks, and his guests Dave Walsh and Darnell Mitchell  Email the show TheWrasslerappodcast@gmail.com Follow us on social media! https://twitter.com/emiliosparks https://www.instagram.com/emiliosparks/ https://twitter.com/dvewlsh https://www.instagram.com/dvewlsh/ https://twitter.com/dnellicious https://www.instagram.com/dnellicious/ https://twitter.com/WrassleRap https://www.instagram.com/wrasslerap

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