Pure Heart – Pure Lariat Episode 2

This week on Pure Heart, Pure Lariat, Dylan’ (@DylanZeroSky)’s graciously joined by a trainee from his favorite promotion, Ice Ribbon, the Manila born YAPPY! (@Yapi on Twitter, @Yapitori on Instagram) After her debut teaming with Rina Yamashita we talked about her start and what got her into wrestling (it’s pretty surprising) and what led her to Japan. Then after a personal touch we talk about her run in the dojo and the trials and tribulations involved in the Dojo system in a modern Joshi company, who helped train her and who she was most impressed with in her year and a half leading to her debut. Then we go into her debut itself, the unusual nature of how it occured and how fast it happened (not to mention being in a new tag team right off the bat), followed by a brief foray into where she and other Ice Ribbon wrestlers’ goals are in the future. Then they talk about meat to end the show.

Check it out for a breezy conversation about all sorts of topics in regards to Ice Ribbon and wrestling training in general. Turn a Minus into a Plus & Be Happy with Pro Wrestling with the XL Shadows and enjoy this look into the Ice Ribbon dojo, P’s Party and the life of a foreign Joshi rookie wrestler!

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