New Cohost debuts, along w/more wrestling talk, much, much more…

The easiest way to lose fans is don’t adhere to stipulations and storyline abandonment; Would adding independent wrestling promotions add value to the WWE Network? The demise of WCW, how that affected the fan base; A breakdown of the Irish Whip; The emotional investment in wrestling; Raven already forgetting new cohost name and calling him Busby2; Busby 2 has never seen Game of Thrones.. neither had Raven til he binged the whole thing a week ago… all to get Selina to watch the 12 Monkeys Tv series… which she adored by the way, thank you very much; Mullets and Fanny-packs are back according to Busby 2… wtf? Notre-Dame Cathedral thoughts, no one checked on the Hunchback … why not use the money to get clean water to Flint, Michigan; the new Podcast direction … tell us what you think on twitter and of course, all the usual perversions!

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