Don’t Feed the Busby … Especially After Midnight

It’s the Best of Times/Worst of Times intro for the Co-Host who is boner brothing his way through his last episode; the return of the terrible hep snaps as Busby reveals Rejected Hep Snap Characters; Payoff of “Don’t Talk to Busby”; Major life questions are asked, like how do castrated guys pee? Did you know there were different types of castration? That’s news to us; Wrestle-A-Mania prediction results are revealed and Raven nailed some … he’s getting ready for the new format starting next week on MLW ; Fan Mail … lots of fan mail including a spam message about an account Raven doesn’t even have; even a pair of fans get in on the song writing for Busby; Raven sends Busby off with a new original song for his last episode, an autobiographical ditty based on “One Week” by Barenaked Ladies – Busby calls it a sh*t show’ and of course all of the usual slapdash and perversions that you love.

Don’t forget, next week Raven will be at his new home at MLW, but you can always listen like you always have.

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