8 people history got totally wrong … Like big time wrongo!

70 year old owner of MSG – not the preservative that comes in Chinese food and gives me constipation – but Madison Square Garden makes big time bands use his small potatoes band as an opening act…   seriously; We discuss my taint smell; Busby is now a verb and we find out later in the podcast, it’s also a noun; callbacks galore; FannyMail; Busby is still trying to claim Cain Velasquez beat Francis Ngannou as we briefly discuss UFC 235 which happened two days ago, but hadn’t yet happened for us…   you get it; Patreon listeners apparently are smarter than regular listeners, but since Patreon listeners have their own special feed, they’ll never read this; so in our usual showing of suckuptitude to the loyal non-Patreon listeners, you freebies are much smarter than those at Patreon (which if you are a PMSer, I didn’t really mean that) and of course, all the usual perversions!

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