Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo*

*we never reference Breakin 2, we just false advertised it to get you in the door. Shame on us, shame, shame… After a stellar 100th episode, Raven and crew (meaning Busby) try to scale the bar set by a 100 previous episodes immortalized in the previous..  uh, 100 episodes(?). Trying a new show description technique whereby a narrator regales the adventures of said podcast instead of just listing stuff, or whatever, is dealt a fatal blow when the narrator falls 💤. Was it the boredom of narration or the episode itself that took our dearly departed narrator’s awaked-ness. Stay tuned and find out…  wait if the narrator’s asleep, then who’s doing this? More mysteries afoot..  oh, and look an ankle connected to the a foot…

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