Celebrity Sex Tapes Ranked … Screech, you did not do so well

Quick Draw McGraw interviewed by Cory Maclin; Busby loses his Hep Snap music; Bill Cosby is a rapist; Worst top 20 rock anthem list ever… and we mean ever. I mean this list is such a piece of shit.. and sure we also have the Sex Tape rankings list so we have 2 lists on one show but c’mon, we’re just marking time til our 100th monstrous episode next week when we give you a really Shitshow of an episode. But don’t think of this ep as filler, think of every episode as filler! But filler building to a crescendo of mediocrity… uh thanks? Oh, and um, also all of the usual perversions… Ps. Join Patreon. It’s easier than joining the Army.. or the Navy for that matter. Maybe not the Air Force or the Coast Guard. Umm, join Patreon. If you read this far, you’ve already committed a lot of time, just waste a little more by joining Patreon!

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