Donkey Shows in Tijuana & Quick Draw McGraw…. also BabaLooey

We go wrestling adjacent w/a discussion on Lars Sullivan, anxiety, and how mental illness makes you tougher not weaker; Kamala runs for President; we attempt to discuss that 6000 non-Japanese fans attended Tokyo Dome show but get sidetracked… numerous times; kids can be bastards; Star Trek meets tennis with villain the Bjorn Borg; Raven can’t think of Jeri Ryan’s name while lusting over her, but does his “flawless” Patrick Stewart impression.. which means it was terrible; does Busby inject his own semen into his arms to make them grow; the return of the Pretentious Chronicles & Newser; a lively Gallagher discussion, Raven holds a lousy giveaway for attendees of all 3 nights of upcoming comedy tour in Texas and of course all the usual perversions.

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