Big Christmas episode … although not really a whole lot different from a regular episode

We discuss fave Xmas specials; Busby nearly runs off to join the circus; we still haven’t figured out how they fit so many clowns in a car..  but not for a lack of Raven trying; Hymie Plankton drops by to bomb, but is saved bc his bit turns into a wrestling adjacent game…   uh, er..  you get it..    well you will after you listen. We think. Raven butchers Xmas songs; Barboza Vs Hooker fight discussed bc of the leg kicking beating Barboza gave and Hooker received…    (they know it’s not an actual Hooker…   yes, yes, I suppose on this show the clarification is necessary..) so, it’s not an actual Hooker but just someone named Hooker; there’s some Newser, there’s some nonsense, somehow an hour zips by…   which is why you really oughta join Patreon, for a measly $5 a month and get the equivalent of almost 2 extra eps a month, and of course all the usual perversions.

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