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And in typical RavenEffect slapdashed fashion, we cliffhanger the Wedding story til next week. In fact we cliffbarred the rest of the HR Pufunstuf story and, we cliffnoted the all new, all exciting Secret True History of the Hamburglar story. So what did we discuss? Who knows… I mean seriously, who knows. We do just blather on about nonsense for a solid hour on a weekly basis. I mean sure, it’s wildly entertaining but is sheer unadulterated brilliance enuf to sustain an audience week in and week out…. Eh, probably… but what did we talk about, let’s see; we had a survey; a new Busby bit; it’s National Impotency month (and we aren’t sponsored by Blue Chew this week); fan mail, more Newser, and of course, all the usual perversions…

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