Raven continues to heel on the Cheers and Jeers guy from TV Guide … but real

Busby heels on his gf Krista after letting her write the Hep Snaps; R&B engage in more Meltzer heeling; a heel-like special dissertation on the word F&@k; the heel return of the always heelish, Pretentious Chronicles; Raven has new info on the heel-betrayal type story about CW Anderson from last week; Westwood One asks Raven to get his audience to take a survey, management immediately regrets asking him bc he heels all over it… don’t be a heel, go take the survey… it’s at wwopodsurvey.com; R & B heelishly break down UFC 230… well parts of it.. you heel get it; And finally, a very un-heel-like extra 30 minute segment featuring heel Raven’s interview with Higherside Chat’s babyface Greg Carlwood and of course, all the usual heel perversions.

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