Episode 96: Bad Medicine (And Luchadores)

This week on Lucha Talk the Trio breaks down the big AAA show, Heroes Inmortales a show which drew the ire of many, including driving one host away mid show and another host into a rant on the main event. From there we get into unique news regarding +Lucha, YouTube, & the recent article about the business end of Lucha YouTube in a unique segment. Finally we hit CMLL and their boring buildup to this week’s big Dia de Los Muertos shows, featuring the setup for the Rey del Inframundo match with a surprise and welcome winner! Finally we cap things off with a breakdown of the FantasticaMania lineup of Luchadores including 5 first timers including the very first match for the son of one of the biggest legends in Lucha history. Also IWRG and Lilith Dark get shoutouts here and there.

Talk Lucha with the Trio: @DylanZeroSky – @therealfredo – @MICROMANFEVER

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