A shining example of human beings blathering on relentlessly!

Raven runs into one of his heroes, Steve Keirn..  first time they saw each other since Keirn had to fire Raven for being an idiot 30 years ago; Holy shit, 30 years!  Sadly, Roman Reigns’s leukemia returns; CW Anderson exposed as former Fla. indy wrestler Cliff Sheetz; Cheers and Jeers guy surrenders…   not personally; gay sex includes belly flop on head?! Don Leo Johnathon RIP; Guy recklessly drives 80 mph w/dog on trunk of car infuriating R&B; Raven mailed out stuff finally…  going to the Post Office gets pricy; Halloween hep snaps, Raven has constipation & of course, all the usual perversions.

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