E.P. Gabriel Hates Last Minute Guest Cancellations

Pre-Rape Bill Cosby and other guests cancelling at the last minute, leading Gabriel to say F- ‘em Busby snaps hits for the cycle this week Raven breaks down and explains the open Busby’s dog is a passive aggressive bitch making noise in the background eating during the show Listener complaints about the UFC talk from last week, so no UFC talk this week, or Bellatore fighting talk, because it’s like UFC. All MMA is UFC Raven taking the Jericho Cruise Busby equates sexual equality and handicapped equality to horse racing National No Bra Day comes and goes, so ladies show the girls off for all of us Bat Appreciation Month – all sorts of bad puns Other Appreciation Days and Months Raven tells the tale of a lamp he built without wiring The Cheers and Jeers guy has been run off Busby Bit: Raven’s Former Lawyer joins the show Fan Mail for Patreon Subscribers … Give Raven money and you can get your emails read on the show too. Newser And all the usual perversions and slapdashery you’re used to.

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