UFC 229 has a big pro wrestling style schmaz at the end!

Khabib goes crazy even though he beat Conor; El Cucuy, Tony Ferguson deemed to be Juvi insane, has amazing fight with Showtime Pettis; Gabriel the exec. prod. and pet dog marks out for Black Beast finish; more Meltzer Cheers and Jeers…   not to be confused with TV Guide Cheers and Jeers; Juventud Guerarra, great worker, nuts, and juicy; Teen Titans get live action show; Raven cries for Outpost; Skype attacks causing Raven to interrupt Busby…   not to be confused with Raven’s usual interruptions of Busby; Raven gives legitimately topical intro..  well, not the whole intro, just, maybe half sorta…  aah, you get it…   or you will once you hear it; Busby has strong Hep Snaps, but Hep Snap union still threatens to strike again. Even though they folded like a cheap seat on the last one, and of course all the usual perversions.

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