Raven’s new headphones have pointy ears like Ariana Grande and they light up!

Raven ecstatic over Elementary season finale; Busby snaps return to their usual subpar performance amidst a potential strike by the finger snapping union, guild # 3.141567392345. The return of Upset Vince Russo’s idears that have nothing to do with wrestling and Raven shows once again why he’s the best straight man in the business; UFC Talk and Predictions w/Raven going out on a limb stating Conor will win, either that, or Khabib will; R&B happiness bc Bill Cosby going to prison; special Patreon segment so it will entice podcast listeners to join and give Raven money…   and maybe a few bucks to Busby, maybe. All that plus the return of Newser and of course all the usual perversions!

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