Wrestling Psychology episode … and Raven’s birthday!

We discuss Wrestling Psychology and how people don’t get enough mileage out of spots; how greatness can be taught and should be taught…   by me; hmmm, that sounded rather vain but hey, it is my Birthday. Now, all bow and grovel before me…   ok that may be pushing it🤪; All-In is revisited; Gamera the flying turtle 50th anniversary is discussed; and the opening is unpacked..   while it’s still going on;  We cliffhanger the all-new Adjacent name game and the Raven Wedding story while paying off other cliffhangers such as the Patreon Contest, w/winners chosen live on the air…   of course controversy ensues, why wouldn’t it; plus all the slapdashery you could ever ask for; and of course all the usual perversions!

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