Lots of wrestling talk. Why? Why not? Speaking of knots … Callback!!

Much more wrestling talk and chit-chat w/less planned segments than usual, yet still the requisite amount of stupidity & nonsense; Raven discusses burgeoning hypnosis career. R. I. P. Jim Neidhart; Last week’s Raw and what pissed off Busby; Raven throws in his two cents, a discussion ensues… c’mon people, you know how conversations work; Raven reveals tweet he wouldn’t twat on the twitter bc he didn’t twant to offend the twinternet.. but he has no such qualms about twoffending his podcast twisteners! Busby is a registered (not sex offender) backup Cirque Du Soleil performer… (ed.’s note – uh, that is impressive, damn you Busby, damn you to hell!); Riggs is discussed, but not Murtaugh… Scotty Riggs that is; the (weak-ass) return of Cheap Heat Bobby Sax, due to high demand (one guy who was high demanded it); the list formerly known as “the NORT List”, now known simply as “the RegNORT”; StarCast, the Patreon contest(s), & of course all the usual perversions. A special shout out to Robert our producer for his excellent work and also, to no one else in particular.

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