55. Brock Lesner vs Jon Jones

Kel Dansby returns to the Wrasslerap Arena to talk with Emilio Sparks about Brock Lesner returning to the UFC for a possible fight with Jon Jones. Sparks and Kel discuss the impact of the CM Punk “pipe bomb” promo.   Email the show: Thewrasslerappodcast@gmail.com Support the show get the limited edition Wrasslerap T-shirt.  This episode is sponsored by SeatGeek download the SeatGeek app and enter the promo code WRASSLE to receive $20.00 off your first purchase. Follow us on social media! https://twitter.com/emiliosparks https://www.instagram.com/emiliosparks/ https://twitter.com/KelDansby  https://www.instagram.com/KelDansby/ https://twitter.com/WrassleRap https://www.instagram.com/wrasslerap/

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