Episode 88: G1 Climax 28 Preview

It’s G1 time! The most wonderful time of the Japanese wrestling year is upon us. Sadly, it’s not all sunshine as STRIGGA is out for this week doing his civil duty, so Dylan is riding solo this week for the first time in almost 2 years! He breaks down all 20 participants in the G1, goes over statistics from last year and mentions some of their best work as well as theories on their 2018 booking and his opinion on each man’s in-ring prospects, where he expects them to rank in his own rankings, and then gives a final prediction on the G1 Final and its winner, as well as where it could lead for Wrestle Kingdom, including a big hot take on who WON’T be getting big singles matches in January. The show closes with a preview of the G1 Special at the Cow Palace, Dylan proving he’s never one to sell his own analysis short, and some match recommendations from all over the world of Puroresu for you to catch up on in between the G1 Special and the official G1 Climax.

Follow Sorairo Nekketsu Seinen on Twitter @DylanZeroSky and The Professor of Puroresu himself @STRIGGA , and check out his website cagematch.net in between letting us know your thoughts and predictions on the G1 Climax and anything else in the world of wrestling.

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