7 star match … WTF?

Meltzer said a 4 1/2 star match is not epic.. Huh?; UFC 225 discussed; Busby as Dangerfield does Dusty’s Hard Times promo… it’s exactly what you think it is, both a mess and brilliant.. and a mess; new Raven song.. Sister Busby Hair Surprise; Broom Masters; bad puns; Gomer Pyle USMC Hammer; Free Willy Wonka; Thank you or F you w/Gypsy woman and… you’ll love it; No more begging for viral tweets, instead use #BusbyMeansWell.. cause the little fella does.. mean well.. and he is kinda.. well, mean.. well, actually Dickish, but, you get it…; Patreon being posted by Raven 3x a week, some Fan Mail, and of course all the usual perversions.

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