Happy Birthday Busby!

Story of guy pulling Raven out of the ring for 600 5star reviews told; an enlightening discourse about FOMO; a scintillating rendition of Who’s on First complete w/ bad impressions of both Abbott and Costello; the difference between IED’s and IUD’s; new song based on a Raven fav childhood cartoon, Yankee Doodle Pigeon; a Polish version of Who’s on First; Patreon is shaping up; Busby returns to his dickish ways; Dog the Bounty Hunter – what DDP might’ve become? Raven gives away finish for Tv show Timeless finale during recommendations… it was awesome, see what happened was Rufus#%#%#%… *; Busby still hasn’t watched the Detour and of course all the usual perversions.

*Ed. Note – Raven may write the show descriptions and may spoil the Timeless ending in the podcast but I edit the show descriptions and they’ll be no spoilers in them.. except of course for giving hints about the podcast you’re about to listen to. Ed. #2 – isn’t that giving spoilers in a way? 1st Ed. – no, we are not having this discussion again! Ed. #2 – you’re mean! 1st Ed. – am not, infinity. Go to your room! Ed. #2 – sassafrassa-rassassass sum-bitch…..(voice trails off).

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