Billy Corgan returns with a vengeance … and reveals band’s name origin

Raven & Billy have a heated discussion on whether or not to turn Roman Reigns; they discuss NWA, WWE & the evolution of wrestling promotions;   Raven sings a new song. Alien talk and flat Earth wackos; Roko’s Basilisk; 30th anniversary of the Smashing Pumpkins; should Raven sue the Baltimore Raven; Raven and Busby debut a new game, completely botch the “Who’s on First” routine and of course most, but not all, of the usual perversions.  Also the title above is a bit of a lie, there is no vengeance. Nope, none at all. It’s a sucker play to get you listening. Sooo…   no vengeance. None whatsoever. However…     don’t be sad bc Billy does absolutely elevate the level of conversation…   But sadly, that goes against all our better judgements…    and most of what we really don’t stand for.

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