Raven & Busby (R&B) make their Wrestle-a-mania picks.. it is of course, highly ludicrous

Molly Holly cliffhanger is resolved (yup, we paid one off); Turd Ferguson fun facts; UFC 223 discussed (in a moderately intelligent fashion); more game 5 and game 34b, as well as brand new game, 76a, Roman numeral 2; and speaking of Roman, Raven solves Roman Reigns “over” problem; we hear from a female fan which if that isn’t odd enuf, she’s also a Buzz Aldrin and that’s just the beginning; dickishness, xenophobia & misogyny abound, and of course all the usual perversions. If you’ve read this far, you know the show will be a home run w/sheer unbridled preposterousness, so strap in, or strap on… hehe🤪!

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