Is there too much WWE in same arena W-Mania weekend?

Raven invents game 34, Busby invents game 5; Busby shits on Bozo the Clown even though he just died…so dickish; Raven rewrites Tom Sawyer by Rush; Patreon possibilities; Molly Holly story cliffhanger-ed; last week’s fan mail cliffhanger paid off w/some really odd dinner party guests…Hmm..  if you’ve read this far, you’re prolly the only one, and all that can be said is well done!!!  It’s very exciting down here at the bottom. Much better than up at the top. Yeah… the top is for posers, the bottom is for us hardcores! We rock!  Oh.  Almost forgot, we also have Newser, FanMail, & a Cary Grant impression, did I mention possible Patreon? And of course, all the usual perversions. 

Thanks for reading!

And listening too…to the podcast that is, not this. 

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