7: Randy Savage: The early career and development of “The Macho Man”

On this very special episode of Down and Dirty with Dutch Mantell, Dutch recounts someone who he has known from the very beginning: Macho Man Randy Savage.  From baseball player, to spiderman (?), to Randy Poffo to the Macho Man, Dutch has seen first hand Randy grow from a 155 lb kid to the man who he had a blood feud with in his pre-WWF prime.  Listen to Dutch talk about, as only he can do, meeting Randy in 1973, feuding with him in Nashville in 1978, and their red hot rivalry on Memphis TV in 1982.  Dutch also looks at his WWF career and talks about subjects such as Ms. Elizabeth, Bobby Eaton, and territory day paydays along the way.  Also on this episode, Dutch talks about Graves/Booker, Carny, and transgender wrestlers with co-hosts Matt farmer and Matt Koon on our longest and most entertaining episode yet!  All this and more on Down and Dirty with Dutch mantle, only on the MLW radio network!

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