Big Xmas episode… well, uh… not really, but Raven does sing the Heat Miser & Cold Miser song!

Raven’s Colonoscopy discussed; wrestling is brought up and kinda talked about; we learn what Busby’s rejected nicknames were; Fan Mail is its usual brilliance even with Dick Snarl on time out; Busby hits new dickish highs and new dickish lows; Max Payne is today’s name game subject and Raven really kabongs Busby! Haha! Suck it Busby! We find that depression is nothing to be ashamed of; Newser returns, the Dickish Chronicles, Word of the Week, Quote of the Day, recommendations. The show is really strong. I can’t wait to listen to it. Boy that Raven, he’s such a funny guy.. Stop putting yourself over! Shut up Busby. No you shut up. No you shut up. No you. Infinity! Infinity Squared. Both: You suck! And of course all the usual perversions. * *Raven is looking to commandeer someone’s Red Bull soapbox car, Flugtag plane, or both of you are planning on building one… Send in your comments and questions to

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