History’s Greatest Perverts

Cosmo quiz bombs and yes it was Raven’s shitty idea, but we’ll still blame Busby as we learn his dickishness knows no bounds; Busby forces his mom to get him a passport while he is treated “specially;” Wings is discussed…yes that Wings…the TV show, not Paul McCartney’s band… although the band is what leads to the TV show’s discussion…so, umm….you get it….or you will after you listen to the podcast; Busby’s mattress gift is discussed…it’s kinda like the opposite of the “gift of the magi.” Busby’s dickishness is now officially being chronicled; Tugboat/Typhoon/Shockmaster is name gamed, along with a Minion’s adapted, Raven-adapted, Busby name game in which he shows how little he’s paid attention to his own life….probably because he was much, much too busy being dickish; Word of the Day, Quotes of the Day, fan mails of the week and they are the opposite of weak, a possible time out for Dick Snarl along with slide whistles, harmonicas, possibly some flatulence; recommendations and unrecommendations as well as a positive one for Shawn the Producer’s podcast (WORST COLLECTION EVER) and, of course, all the usual perversions. Send in your comments and questions to fanmail@theraveneffect.com

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