Head Transplant a RESOUNDING Success!!

13 most offensive board games; Beefcake / Hogan feud; Raven ruled and Busby drooled in Uncle Elmer name game; Raven puts over his own stories; Busby finds his slide whistle & uses it! Isn’t that rather dickish of him to steal Raven’s only musical skill? It certainly is! Did Ya Know triumphantly returns; Hunter S. Thompson’s Quote of the Day, as well as Max Landis, Elias Theodorou, Vader stabbing story and now, back to the board games. Whew, some of the board games are so incredibly xenophobic… as was Busby… ha! And ooh, so close, we nearly almost discussed WrestleRock and of course all the usual perversions. Send in your comments and questions to fanmail@theraveneffect.com

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