Raven F&@k, Marry, Kills the Flock

The Rise and Fall of James Ellsworth; the best to-do list ever is pontificated upon; the Raven-appropriated Busby name game is starting to devolve strangely; Busby’s mattress snafu is discussed; 500 5-star reviews show is now named but still in the future…but at least we named it… it’s The Nite of Not Any Stars – eh, it’ll do for now, it’s a placeholder…get over it. Busby is xenophobic about some such sh*t or other as usual, and apparently is afraid of ice in urinals….yeah can you believe it? What a nutter! And of course all the usual perversions! Happy Jive Turkey Day! Send in your comments and questions to fanmail@theraveneffect.com

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