The Scalping of Raven by the Father Jim Mitchell

The Intro is debated; UFC 217 is previewed (though by the time you hear this, it’ll have already happened…its a wormhole thing); the Minions hit 300 5star reviews so Raven tells the above headline’s story of how he nearly got beheaded by the Sinister Minister; Newser returns with a vengeance; they play the “Raven-appropriated from Busby” wrestler name game with Kane…not physically with Kane…you get it; Raven proves through Newser that head transplants WILL happen only to be met by Busby’s withering objections; Busby is xenophobic as usual over something or other and still hasn’t explained to his girlfriend how he ruined the mattress thus behaving, as usual, quite dickishly; fan mail, a fan mail intro and a fan mail quote of the day to boot, and of course all the usual perversions*. *and Gabriel & Vincent Van Goat may or may not have stolen pic-a-nic baskets Send in your comments and questions to

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