Yes, its the LIVE! episode of The Raven Effect podcast from the Improv in Hollywood! It is the most fun ever had at a podcast taping ever according to Raven, Busby & everyone there! The audience, supplied w/ noisemakers by RAVEN, becomes the Greatest Audience in human history; fan character suggestions from Twitter are turned into actual characters with storylines; the Disco Inferno’s idiotic creation “The Invisible Man” is booked; we learn what the old school saying “red equals green” means; Busby goes into the crowd to get their questions and shines like a star of the highest magnitude… yet somehow also manages to behave dickishly and of course all the usual perversions. You had to be there! 5 Stars Audience 5 Stars R & B (Raven & Busby) 4 Stars Shawn the producer – he forgot to bring the cookies; 1 Star Raven’s fire-breathing Goat who burnt down the living room while Raven was out of town. Send in your comments and questions to

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