The McMahons Get Their S–t In

CM Punk & Daniel Bryan fan fiction that you’ll love or hate; Raven’s intro reaches new levels of absurdity while his impressions remain abysmal; Newser returns with hot necrophiliac action; Busby plays his name game, becomes addicted to Denny’s & behaves in his inimitable “dickishly” fashion; Raven still recommends not recommending Swedish Dicks, and of course all the usual perversions*. *We also forget to do the Quote of the Day which is “Life is a Beach and then you Drown!” And if you don’t like that one, how’s this: “Don’t drink and drive, drink and crawl.” If you don’t like either, then Thbbft & Ack! Also…The Raven Effect Podcast will be LIVE in Los Angeles on October 5th at the Hollywood Improv Lab. Tickets are $15. Go to for tickets! Send in your comments and questions to

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