Chris Jericho FINALLY guests on The Raven Effect

Jericho has a blast & blasts Raven for never inviting him before…oops. Stories from his new book, including a Yoko Ono story so funny – you’ll pee yourself; Jericho & Raven banter like the old days; Busby plays Mad Libs & Wrestler Name games w/ Jericho; Jericho gets a long winded Raven intro; more on acronyms, Raven still recommends not recommending Swedish Dicks; Busby behaving w/ just a hint of dickishness, and of course all the usual perversions*. *No Quote of the Day on show because there just wasn’t time. Too much to talk about. So, for all my minions who do their due diligence & actually read the entire show description, here she is, the Quote of the Day: “Love is spending your life with someone you want to kill, but not doing it because you’ll miss them.” – Author Unknown, but possibly The Buddha (Uh, we highly doubt it. Ed.’s note: Raven says, “it’s as beautiful a sentiment as I’ve ever heard.. this afternoon.” Also, The Raven Effect Podcast will be LIVE in Los Angeles on October 5th at the Hollywood Improv Lab. Tickets are $15. Go to for tickets! Send in your comments and questions to

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