Ep 61! Stevie Ray returns! Shane Helms on Floyd vs. Conor! The conclusion of the Raven trilogy! A heated Masked Republic Minute! And more!

On episode 61 of Keepin It 100 with Konnan, Stevie Ray returns to discuss his experiences with and thoughts on racism and he holds nothing back! “The Hurricane” Shane Helms is here to talk about the highly anticipated Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. match from this past weekend! Raven stops by for more shenanigans! The Masked Republic Minute gets HEATED! All this plus more David Dennis Jr. and the Juicy Seal of Approval with “The Juice” himself, Juventud Guerrera! Get Interactive on Twitter @Konnan5150 @TheRealDisco @OGKevinGill @MaskedRepublic @JFFeeney3rd @ShaneHelmsCom @DavidDTSS @TheRavenEffect @TheStevieRay and Juventud is on Twitter as well. To send a question to the Keepin it 100 mailbag, please email your questions to K100Questions@Gmail.com or visit the mailbag on Twitter @K100Questions

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