Raven Unpacks His Big Portland Wrestling Angle, Goat Yoga and Heel Psychology

This week, Raven and Busby break down Raven’s (or in this case, Scotty the Body’s) faceted feud with Steve Doll in Portland featuring (but not limited to) battling valets, 2nd rope piledrivers, giant referees and Raven singing Stevie Wonder! Also, its the return of Fan Mail, the Quote of the Day, Did You Know and news items about clitorises, Monopoly board pieces and Olive Garden hitmen. Its a loaded show so get your fire-breathing goat and settle in! Elsewhere on the show: Rip Rogers is the Brat! Raven gets a colonoscopy! Flip Wilson…luchador! Art Barr ruins a jean jacket! And a tease about Raven’s rap career! Send in your comments and questions to fanmail@theraveneffect.com

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