RIP Don Rickles, Gymkata and Dame Doody Flench

Raven and Busby fondly remember the late, great Don Rickles and recount odd friend pairings (Mongo and Juvi, anyone?). Also, Raven receives vindication from the fans (and Piers Morgan) on the head transplant story from last week while Busby tries to find the weakness in Team Tiger Awesome’s comedy armor. Elsewhere on the show: Mongo pounds Moet! Meng saves the day! Busby pilfers Piper’s kilt! Raven casts Kristen Stewart! Also…did Raven rib Billy Jack Haynes? Was Abe Vigoda ever a child? And did Busby actually watch OAK ISLAND??? Send in your comments and questions to and you might get your letter read on the show!

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