Billy Corgan, UFOs and RIP Chuck Barris

This week on THE RAVEN EFFECT, rock icon and Raven’s close personal friend Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins (or just The Smashing Pumpkin) joins Raven and Chad to talk Billy’s experience with TNA/Impact Wrestling, conspiracies involving Bigfoot and old Hollywood. Elsewhere on the show: Drake’s Equation! Jacques Rougeau clams up! Oprah Winfrey analyzes farts! And Mick Foley holds court at a Chi-Chi’s! Also…is gravity a worked shoot? What does Billy think of 9/11? Can Raven date a Spice Girl? And, most importantly, does Billy watch OAK ISLAND??? Send in your comments and questions to and you might get your letter read on the show!

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