Ep 36! Raven part 3! Broken Matt Hardy RETURNS! Shane Helms on TNA! Pete Gas returns! Disco feuds with Cyrus AND Shark Boy!

On Episode 36 of Keepin it 100 with Konnan, Raven concludes his interview trilogy! The intro of the show is infiltrated by Broken Matt Hardy! Shane Helms talks about the changes at TNA and the Konnan-Prichard face to face! Pete Gas returns to talk more about his career and one late night run in with Disco! Shark Boy and Disco have a confrontation! Juvey talks sports and more! A big booking philosophy argument about Goldberg vs. Kevin Owens! Cyrus takes his Disco feud to New Japan! And so much more! Check out Konnan’s new site www.Konnan.Me for exclusive content! www.Patreon.Com/Konnan Get Interactive on Twitter @Konnan5150 @TheRealDisco @OGKevinGill @ShaneHelmsCom @MaskedRepublic @TheRavenEffect @JFFeeney3rd @IAmPeteGas @SharkBoyNet and Juventud is on Twitter as well. To send a question to the Keepin it 100 mailbag, please email your questions to K100Questions@Gmail.com or visit the mailbag on Twitter @K100Questions

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