Episode 21: Trademark Trouble

Lucha Talk returns with all 3 men of the Trios together again, talking about a lot of topics as the saga between AAA and its former talents continues, the saga between Pierroth & Diamante Azul continues, & the saga between Blue Demon and all sorts of people continues as the guys delve into topics including: – AAA’s legal quests against Los Lucha Brothers – Zorro exiting AAA for The Crash – Lucha Underground’s Return Date as well as getting on Netflix – Lucha Memes’ Chairo8 – Luchadores/Luchadoras WrestleMania Weekend Announcements – CMLL comings and goings, including how we ended up with Pierroth & Diamante Azul as our main feud for Dos Leyendas – Torneo Increible de Parejas this week – Story Time with Carístico – Major Blue Demon Telenovela update, now with 50% more Black Wind Follow us all and message us on Twitter @DylanZero0615 – @therealfredo – @LIGERFEVER & spread the word to keep supporting Lucha Talk & Lucha Libre!

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