Bobby Lashley, Jeff Jarrett, plus Dave Meltzer is back on Ep 23!

Keeping it 100 episode 23! Bobby Lashley and Shane Helms! the debut of Jeff Jarrett, Dave Meltzer is back! Love and Romance advice from Juventud Guerrera! Comparing Muhammad Ali to Colin Kaepernick, Killing The Town STAYS burying Disco Inferno, Masked Republic minute is back!! Plus thoughts on Vince Russo, Roman Reigns, Curt Hawkins, Stacie Parra, and who’s on THE DISCO LIST? PLUS whole lot more with Konnan, Disco Inferno and KG Kevin Gill on the only podcast that KEEPS IT 100. SUBSCRIBE! Please Support our sponsors and use our KILLER DEALS link for Amazon!! www.PodcastOne.Com/100 Sign up for our free mailing list!

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