Episode 4: Konnan’s time in the military, Max Moon, Santo, Konnan & WWE today, UFC

This episode of MLW Radio is brought to you by http://www.AdamEve.com.  Enter “MLW” at check out and save up to 50% on one item, get free shipping plus more pKonnan discusses his time serving in the U.S. military, Konnan on the boxing circuit, life on a submarine, how Konnan got his start in wrestling, Santo’s FROG EYES, the NWA Pat O’Connor Memorial Tag Team Tournament at Starrcade!, where does Konnan stand with WWE and the McMahons, Pat Patterson,  Vince on top wrestlers wearing masks, Stephanie on Ultimo Dragon’s mask, Brian Pillman, the adventures of Max Moon, UWA Mexico, UFC’s problems and much much more!      

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