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Jim Cornette Experience #97: Irv Muchnick

On this week's Experience, we're joined by journalist and author Irv Muchnick   After a little catch up from last week, we chat the Oregon shooting and the constitution. Then we're talk wit...

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Bauer & Pollock podcast logo

Bauer & Pollock – October 7, 2015

Court Bauer and John Pollock discuss John Cena eyeing life after wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling's fragmented English language strategy, WHO bought the rights to Jushin Liger?, NXT Respect, AAA's ...

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Writers Room – October 7, 2015

Alex Greenfield and Court Bauer talk about Halloween candy, RAW, Vinceisms, Stephanie killing WWE’s top heels heat, Court having writer’s block, having confidence as a writer on the creative team,...

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Drive Thru 2

Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru #89

Jim Cornette takes on your questions including: attendance figures, Bill Mercer, a little word association, who Jim would want as a bodyguard, Dick Murdoch, if the steroid trial had gone the other w...

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World of Corino – October 5, 2015

Former MLW World Champion Steve Corino debuts his new podcast! On this episode, Steve talks Jay Lethal / Roderick Strong, POP Network’s Paragon Pro Wrestling, the origins of his “King” moniker, ...

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MVP Lounge

VIP Lounge #3

This week, MVP, Alex and Alice are talking The Boogeyman, the Divas Revolution, Beyond Wrestling, fucking rats, the Oregon shooting and more! Got a question for MVP? Email in to: [if...

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Talk’n Shop #66

While on tour, the good brothers talk Yokozuna, Rocky getting beat up by a mini in Mexico and much more! [iframe style="border:none" src="

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MSL & Sullivan – October 2, 2015

It's a FREE SHOW this week which is a...  helluva deal! Kevin Sullivan and MSL talk about the wild process of getting Kevin to use Skype, WWE announcing six dates at the Barclays Center, the Horns...

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Jim Cornette Experience #96

On this week's Experience, we're talking a little bullshit! Jim reveals the biggest bullshitter in wrestling, Vince McMahon’s biggest flaw, and how you’re getting fucked over every single day o...

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