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Drive Thru

Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru #55

Could a member of the public visit Castle Cornette, the history of powder in the eyes and quarter loaded fists, stories of Louisiana, Who’d win in a fight between Rick & Scott Steiner and ev...

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Writers Room: Royal Rumble 2015

Former WWE head writer Alex Greenfield and Court Bauer kick open the WWE writers room and try to cope with the 2015 Royal Rumble, the 2015 Blizzardpocalypse and discuss: Who is the current architec...

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Episode 164: King Mo

Konnan is back with Mister Saint Laurent and they are joined by "King" Mo Lawal from Bellator MMA and Impact Wrestling.King Mo offers his thoughts on performance enhancing drugs, bad judging in MMA an...

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Talk N Shop

Talk’n Shop #30: Kirk Sheppard & Karl’s kids

"Machine Gun" Karl Anderson and his three boys sit down to talk shop with the NWF's Kirk Sheppard.  Learn about Karl's beginnings in pro wrestling, the Cincinnati wrestling scene and random ...

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Helluva Deal

Kevin Sullivan’s Helluva Deal – January 23, 2015

Kevin Sullivan is back with Mister Saint Laurent to discuss the early days of WCW Monday Nitro.Kevin takes you behind the scenes of the February 19, 1996 and February 26, 1996 episodes of Monday Nitro...

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Jim Cornette Experience #61: Les Thatcher (part 2)

This week on The Experience is part 2 with the legendary Les Thatcher.   We span Les's career from the beginning, a scant 55 years ago, to today's wrestling product, with few stones left unturn...

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Bauer & Pollock podcast logo

Bauer & Pollock – January 21, 2015

The King and the Fish are back talking Court's west coast trip, football and.... Lisa Lee's recent WWE promotion and what the REAL story is behind this move The Royal Rumble JoPo books a gre...

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MLW Radio EXTRA – January 21, 2014

Court Bauer and MSL talk about Court’s trip to LA plus… The Brian Pillman WWF contract signing --- and all of the different versions that never made air! Sting’s new mariachi ov...

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Drive Thru

Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru #54

Jim gives his thoughts on IPW:UK, Managing Kane in a one off with Lawler, what constitutes a world’s champion, The York Foundation, David & Kevin Von Erich and more!   Send in your qu...

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