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MLW Radio EXTRA – May 27, 2015

Court Bauer and Disco Inferno are back to talk UFC in Vegas, the marketability of "bad women" in sports, ribbing Konnan, Lucha Libre World Cup, TNA, WWE RAW, where’s the heat for WWE h...

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Drive Thru

Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru #72

This week on The Drive Thru we're answering your questions!   Ladies and the atomic drop, thoughts on Ken Patera, how do Jim’s rants affect plant growth, the sad story of an electrified c...

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Former WWWF head of production Dennis "Duck" Dunn grooving.

Episode 181: Who is Donald “The Duck” Dunn?

WHO is Donald “The Duck” Dunn? Find out as Alex Greenfield, MSL and Court Bauer talk Mad Max: Fury Road, Greeny’s comeback, Mad Men’s finale oh and wrestling..  including:...

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Lucha World Cup Series #6: Matt Striker

Matt Striker catches up with Court Bauer as they discuss their early days in wrestling as well as Matt’s journey from WWE to New Japan to Lucha Underground as well as tomorrow’s big Lucha ...

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Talk’n Shop #47: Road Hoots

“Doc” Gallows, Rocky Romero and “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson hit the road in Canada along with Pepper Parks. Sit back, crack a beer and pull off your pants as they go in-depth o...

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Lucha World Cup Series #5: Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio catches up with Court Bauer adn discusses Victoria Cervaza and AAA’s Lucha Libre World Cup! Rey talks about the Dream Team, reuniting with Konnan and AAA, working lucha style, ...

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Helluva Deal

Kevin Sullivan’s Helluva Deal – WCW Monday Nitro: May 27, 1996

Kevin Sullivan is back with Mister Saint Laurent to cover the first hour of the May 27, 1996 episode of WCW Monday Nitro.Kevin and MSL talk about Nitro's expansion to two hours, how much notice WCW wa...

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Lucha World Cup Series #4: Alberto El Patron

AAA MEGA Champion Alberto El Patron catches up with Court Bauer as the two discuss the Lucha Libre World Cup this Sunday on iPPV, his return to Mexico, Lucha Underground, CM Punk in the UFC,...

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Jim Cornette Experience #78: Drive-Thru Special Edition

On this week's Experience, we're treating you to a trip through the Drive-Thru.   We recommend some great wrestling books (and one terrible book), talk an outed anti-gay pastor, the Wolfman, bo...

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